New features in SQL Prompt 6.4

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We’re pleased to announce a new beta version of SQL Prompt. We’ve been trying out a few new core technologies, and used them to add features and bug fixes suggested by users on the SQL Prompt forum and suggestions forum.

You can download the SQL Prompt 6.4 beta here (zip file). Let us know what you think!

New features

Execute current statement

In a query window, you can now execute the SQL statement under your cursor by pressing Shift + F5.

For example, if you have a query containing two statements and your cursor is placed on the second statement:


When you press Shift + F5, only the second statement is executed:



Insert semicolons

You can now use SQL Prompt to automatically insert missing semicolons after each statement in a query.

To insert semicolons, go to the SQL Prompt menu and click Insert Semicolons. Alternatively, hold Ctrl and press B then C.


BEGIN…END block highlighting

When you place your cursor over a BEGIN or END keyword, SQL Prompt now automatically highlights the matching keyword:


Rename variables and aliases

You can now use SQL Prompt to rename all occurrences of a variable or alias in a query.

To rename a variable or alias, place your cursor over an instance of the variable or alias you want to rename and press F2:


Improved loading dialog box

The database loading dialog box now shows actual progress, and you can cancel loading databases:



Single suggestion improvement

SQL Prompt no longer suggests keywords if the keyword has been typed and no other suggestions exist.

Performance improvement

SQL Prompt now has less impact on Management Studio start up time.

What do you think?

We want to hear your feedback about the beta. If you have any suggestions, or bugs to report, tell us on the SQL Prompt forum or our suggestions forum.

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