Photoshop alternative with same keyboard shorcuts

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tldr; Is there a program with the same keyboard shortcuts and/or user interface as PS.

I know the "photoshop alternative" question has been asked so many times, but I feel this variant is worth the time to ask.

I am a web designer and have been using PS daily on a windows or mac machine for about 10 years, but I do most of my development in linux. The only thing that has been keeping me from the full switch to linux is PS. I have tried many alternatives, including GIMP, but I feel the barrier to entry is too high for one reason and one reason only, the keyboard shortcuts. Over the years I have become very adept and quick in the use of PS because of keyboard shortcuts and muscle memory. I realize that many shortcuts can be customized, but many actions are just too different from PS. So my question is what programs are out there that are the closest to PS in keyboard shortcuts and interface. I don't care if I have to do a bunch of customization to get it as close as possible, but I just can't take too much time to learn a completely new workflow. Of course I realize that any software will take time and effort, I just want to make that time/effort as minimal as possible.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

edit I should tell you the most important features and workflow I use on a daily basis are, Smart objects, linked documents, save for web and devises.

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