Accessing a Novell share on Trusty Tahr?

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Published on 2014-06-11T07:51:47Z Indexed on 2014/06/11 9:41 UTC
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After upgrading my pc to the current LTS release 14.04, i found that i can't access novell shares using ncpfs any more. It seems that the ncp-related packages (libncp and so on) have been present in the 14.04 repos, but got removed: (see launchpad, ubuntuupdates and Debian Bug #712779).

Is there still any way to install the ncp-related components?

Are there any other tools to access or even mount a novell shre from a 14.04 system?

EDIT: Oddly enough, ncpfs and libncp are still available in the current LTS Version of Mint (Mint 17 "Qiana").

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