How to open files which are located in VirtualBox's Guest Machine from Netbeans of Host Machine

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I have Ubuntu 10.04 installed in my Host Machine and it has VirtualBox. I have Guest Machine wich runs Ubuntu 10.10.

I have NetBeans installed in Host Machine and need to open my project files which are located in Guest Machine. The reason I need it is because in my working place I have not access to install any applications, that is why I have Guest Machine where I have Web Server installed on it and also I have one web application that I am developing.

I need to open that web application files from Guest Machine's Netbeans in order to modify/create new files for my web application.

I have configured SSH server of Guest Machine and added port redirection in the VirtualBox so that now I can connect to it from Host Machine. But I could not find any way to open those files from Netbeans.

Could anybody give me advice about how can I do that please?


I forgot to say that I don't want to use SharedFolders.

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