Android chess development design [on hold]

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I want to develop human vs human android chess game and I have bunch of new questions. I would like to have screen where online players are shown(nickname, rating) and when player challenge antoher player and he accpet it game begins.

These are my questions:

When player install application, does he have to create account/login or does every instance of installed application have some kind of ID so I can recognize it on server side? I want to have also ratings of players saved in my DB so login procedure will probably be necessary.

When player connects to server server updates online players list. When he challenge another player and he accept server exchange ip`s(and ports? which port to use?) between players. Then they connect to each other and game begins. What is best practice for connection between server-android and android-android? Probably sockets, right? Is there any library for handling lost connection etc.?

Which server do you recommend?

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