Dynamips Virtual Router not pinging external host after bridging

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Published on 2014-08-24T23:01:11Z Indexed on 2014/08/25 4:22 UTC
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I have setup a virtual router image with dynamips and setup bridging between tap0 interface of the virtual router and eth0 and br0 with commands

[[email protected]_host]# brctl addbr br0
[[email protected]_host]# ifconfig br0 up
[[email protected]_host]# ifconfig eth1
[[email protected]_host]# brctl addif br0 eth1
[[email protected]_host]# ifconfig br0 netmask up

In dynagen configuration I have: f0/0 = NIO_tap:tap0 So,

[[email protected]_host]# brctl addif br0 tap0
[[email protected]_host]# ifconfig tap0 up
router(config)#int fa0/0
router(config-if)#ip address
router(config-if)#no shutdown

After the configuration above I was expecting that from inside the router I could ping an external machine with IP Actually from the host I can ping the external host as well as and

So what am I missing here? tap0 is bridged with br0 and in turn with eth1. So why the router is not pingable from and vice-versa??

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