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  • Why don't I have a loop error with these redirects?

    - by byronyasgur
    I know this may seem a bit of a question in reverse, but I actually don't seem to have a problem I just want to make sure before I proceed. I have 2 domains domain1.com and domain2.com and a directory my_directory at domain2.com. I have domain2.com setup as an "add on domain" in the cpanel account of domain1.com so that when I go to domain2.com I am taken to domain1.com/my_directory but the browser shows domain2.com in the addressbar so it looks and acts like and is a separate site. However when people browse to domain1.com/directory I want the address bar to show domain2.com not domain1.com/directory. So I put a redirect in the htaccess file to redirect domain1.com/directory to domain2.com and it works perfectly, but I think it shouldnt and I'm worried I've done something wrong. My question is this: domain2.com was already redirected to domain1.com/directory in the first place (I see the redirect in my cpanel under addon domains) so by adding the second redirect in the htaccess file I should be creating a loop! Could somebody please set my mind at rest and show me why not?

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  • Replace %26 in htaccess to %2526

    - by Patrick
    I would like htaccess to rewrite example.com/something_%26_else into example.com/something_%2526_else. I'm importing a bunch of pages that have ampersands in the title from Mediawiki. These are encoded as %26. Drupal, for various reasons, has decided double encode the url it to have it become %2526. I simply can't create the alisis within Drupal so I have to use htaccess This is what I have as my rule so far as RewriteRule ^w/([^%26]+)\%26(.*)$ w/$1\%2526$2 [R=301] I asked this question three months ago on stackexchange and was not able to get it working. I tried hiring a contractor for this but was unable to find one. So this my last ditch effort before I completely give up. I really appreciate the help. All the best, Patrick

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  • Heightmap generation

    - by Ziaix
    I want to implement something like this to create a heightmap: 'Place a group of coordinates evenly across a map, and give them height values within a certain range. Repeatedly create coordinates between all of those coordinates, setting their height by deriving a value that was a mean value of all the surrounding coordinates.' However, I'm not sure how I would go about it - I'm not sure how I could code the part where I place the coordinates in between the existing coordinates. Can anyone give any help/advice?

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  • Regulating how much to draw based on how much was drawn last frame.

    - by Mike Howard
    I have a 3D game world on an iPhone (limited graphics speed), and I'm already regulating whether I draw each shape on the screen based on it's size and distance from the camera. Something like... if (how_big_it_looks_from_the_camera > constant) then draw What I want to do now is also take into account how many shapes are being drawn, so that in busier areas of the game world I can draw less than I otherwise would. I tried to do this by dividing how_big_it_looks by the number of shapes that were drawn last frame (well, the square root of this but I'm simplifying - the problem is the same). if (how_big_it_looks / shapes_drawn > constant2) then draw But the check happens at the level of objects which represent many drawn shapes, and if an object containing many shapes is switched on, it increases shapes_drawn lots and switches itself back off the next frame. It flickers on and off. I tried keeping a kind of weighted average of previous values, by each frame doing something like shapes_drawn_recently = 0.9 * shapes_drawn_recently + 0.1 * shapes_just_drawn, but of course it only slows the flickering down because of the nature of the feedback loop. Is there a good way of solving this? My project is in Objective-C, but a general algorithm or pseudo-code is good too. Thanks.

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  • What are the things to know before to start Game Development Using C++?

    - by adietan63
    I just want to ask the question above ^. I want to learn C++ language. Someday i want to develop Game Application in c++ and I think it is so difficult for me to achieve that but im willing to learn and achieve that goals for may personal satisfaction and also for my CV as well. Can you give me a guidelines on how to achieve that goals? What are the languages that i need to learn together with c++? please help me.. Thank you!

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  • loading 3d model data into buffers

    - by mulletdevil
    I am using assimp to load 3d model data. I have noticed that each loaded model is made up of different meshes. I was wondering should each mesh have it's own vertex/index buffer or should there just be one for the whole model? From looking through the index data that is loaded it seems to suggest that I will need a vertex buffer per mesh but I'm not 100% sure. I am using C++ and DirectX9 Thank you, Mark

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  • About Alpha blending sprites in Direct3D9

    - by ambrozija
    I have a Direct3D9 application that is rendering ID3DXSprites. The problem I am experiencing is best described in this situation: I have a texture that is totally opaque. On top of it I draw a rectangle filled with solid color and alpha of 128. On top of the rectangle I have a text that is totally opaque. I draw all of this and get the resulting image through GetRenderTarget call. The problem is that on the resulting image, on the area where the transparent rectangle is, I have semi transparent pixels. It is not a problem that the rectangle is transparent, the problem is that the resulting image is. The question is how to setup the blending so in this situation I don't get the transparent pixels in the resulting image? I use the sprite with D3DXSPRITE_ALPHABLEND which sets the device state to D3DBLEND_SRCALPHA and D3DBLEND_INVSRCALPHA. I tried couple of combinations of SetRenderState, like D3DBLEND_SRCALPHA, D3DBLEND_DESTALPHA etc., but couldn't make it work. Thanks.

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