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  • Printing Off Center or Images Offset After Upgrade to 14.04 LTS (Brother HL-2240)

    - by fortitude
    :) I have a very frustrating problem with my Brother HL-2240 under Ubuntu 14.04. Bear in mind this was working perfectly under Ubuntu 13.10. In Firefox, when I print a webpage, all of the images are off center and cut off, this is a big deal for my work. In Google Chrome, when I print a webpage, the page is off center, toward the right margin. In Opera, when I print a webpage, all of the white areas within the margins are black, using a lot of toner. PDF opened in document viewer, prints off center. Steps I have taken to troubleshoot: 1) Playing with the printer settings, resetting to defaults, etc. 2) Un-installing the Brother driver and re-installing (linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1 from the Brother website), which works perfectly in Ubuntu 13.10. I see a similar, un-answered question, here. Hopefully this question provides some additional clarity to the matter. If anyone would like some additional detail because she or he is willing to help, please let me know. I can scan output from the printer to show you. Thank you.

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  • C# Getting a node with attributes from SelectSingleNode

    - by bdefreese
    Hi folks, I am quite the n00b but lately I have been playing with parsing some XML data. I actually found a nice feature on this site where I can get to a specific node with a specific attribute by doing: docFoo.SelectSingleNode("foo/bar/baz[@name='qux']); However, the data looks like this: <saving-throws> <saving-throw> <name>Fortitude</name> <abbr>Fort</abbr> <ability>Con</ability> <modifiers> <modifier name="base" value="2"/> <modifier name="ability" value="5"/> <modifier name="magic" value="0"/> <modifier name="feat" value="0"/> <modifier name="race" value="0"/> <modifier name="familar" value="0"/> <modifier name="feature" value="0"/> <modifier name="user" value="0"/> <modifier name="misc" value="0"/> </modifiers> </saving-throw> <saving-throw> <name>Reflex</name> <abbr>Ref</abbr> <ability>Dex</ability> <modifiers> <modifier name="base" value="6"/> <modifier name="ability" value="1"/> <modifier name="magic" value="0"/> <modifier name="feat" value="0"/> <modifier name="race" value="0"/> <modifier name="familar" value="0"/> <modifier name="feature" value="0"/> <modifier name="user" value="0"/> <modifier name="misc" value="0"/> </modifiers> </saving-throw> And I want to be able to get the node with name=base but for each saving-throw node where childnode "abbr" = xx. Can I somehow do that in a single SelectSingleNode or am I going to have to stop at saving throw and walk through the rest of the tree? Thanks!

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  • Something like a manual refresh is needed angularjs, and a $digest() iterations error

    - by Tony Ennis
    (post edited again, new comments follow this line) I'm changing the title of this posting since it was misleading - I was trying to fix a symptom. I was unable to figure out why the code was breaking with a $digest() iterations error. A plunk of my code worked fine. I was totally stuck, so I decided to make my code a little more Angular-like. One anti-pattern I had implemented was to hide my model behind my controller by adding getters/setters to the controller. I tore all that out and instead put the model into the $scope since I had read that was proper Angular. To my surprise, the $digest() iterations error went away. I do not exactly know why and I do not have the intestinal fortitude to put the old code back and figure it out. I surmise that by involving the controller in the get/put of the data I added a dependency under the hood. I do not understand it. edit #2 ends here. (post edited, see EDIT below) I was working through my first Error: 10 $digest() iterations reached. Aborting! error today. I solved it this way: <div ng-init="lineItems = ctrl.getLineItems()"> <tr ng-repeat="r in lineItems"> <td>{{r.text}}</td> <td>...</td> <td>{{r.price | currency}}</td> </tr </div> Now a new issue has arisen - the line items I'm producing can be modified by another control on the page. It's a text box for a promo code. The promo code adds a discount to the lineItem array. It would show up if I could ng-repeat over ctrl.getLineItems(). Since the ng-repeat is looking at a static variable, not the actual model, it doesn't see that the real line items have changed and thus the promotional discount doesn't get displayed until I refresh the browser. Here's the HTML for the promo code: <input type="text" name="promo" ng-model="ctrl.promoCode"/> <button ng-click="ctrl.applyPromoCode()">apply promo code</button> The input tag is writing the value to the model. The bg-click in the button is invoking a function that will apply the code. This could change the data behind the lineItems. I have been advised to use $scope.apply(...). However, since this is applied as a matter of course by ng-click is isn't going to do anything. Indeed, if I add it to ctrl.applyPromoCode(), I get an error since an .apply() is already in progress. I'm at a loss. EDIT The issue above is probably the result of me fixing of symptom, not a problem. Here is the original HTML that was dying with the 10 $digest() iterations error. <table> <tr ng-repeat="r in ctrl.getLineItems()"> <td>{{r.text}}</td> <td>...</td> <td>{{r.price | currency}}</td> </tr> </table> The ctrl.getLineItems() function doesn't do much but invoke a model. I decided to keep the model out of the HTML as much as I could. this.getLineItems = function() { var total = 0; this.lineItems = []; this.lineItems.push({text:"Your quilt will be "+sizes[this.size].block_size+" squares", price:sizes[this.size].price}); total = sizes[this.size].price; this.lineItems.push({text: threads[this.thread].narrative, price:threads[this.thread].price}); total = total + threads[this.thread].price; if (this.sashing) { this.lineItems.push({text:"Add sashing", price: this.getSashingPrice()}); total = total + sizes[this.size].sashing; } else { this.lineItems.push({text:"No sashing", price:0}); } if(isNaN( { this.lineItems.push({text:"No promo code", price:0}); } else { this.lineItems.push({text:"Promo code", price: promos[].price}); total = total + promos[].price; } this.lineItems.push({text:"Shipping", price:this.shipping}); total = total + this.shipping; this.lineItems.push({text:"Order Total", price:total}); return this.lineItems; }; And the model code assembled an array of objects based upon the items selected. I'll abbreviate the class as it croaks as long as the array has a row. function OrderModel() { this.lineItems = []; // Result of the lineItems call ... this.getLineItems = function() { var total = 0; this.lineItems = []; ... this.lineItems.push({text:"Order Total", price:total}); return this.lineItems; }; }

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