Printing Off Center or Images Offset After Upgrade to 14.04 LTS (Brother HL-2240)

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Published on 2014-06-04T02:00:54Z Indexed on 2014/06/04 3:38 UTC
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:) I have a very frustrating problem with my Brother HL-2240 under Ubuntu 14.04. Bear in mind this was working perfectly under Ubuntu 13.10.

In Firefox, when I print a webpage, all of the images are off center and cut off, this is a big deal for my work.

In Google Chrome, when I print a webpage, the page is off center, toward the right margin.

In Opera, when I print a webpage, all of the white areas within the margins are black, using a lot of toner.

PDF opened in document viewer, prints off center.

Steps I have taken to troubleshoot:

1) Playing with the printer settings, resetting to defaults, etc.

2) Un-installing the Brother driver and re-installing (linux-brprinter-installer-2.0.0-1 from the Brother website), which works perfectly in Ubuntu 13.10.

I see a similar, un-answered question, here. Hopefully this question provides some additional clarity to the matter.

If anyone would like some additional detail because she or he is willing to help, please let me know. I can scan output from the printer to show you. Thank you.

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