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  • Cloned Windows 7 to new HDD and want to change the drive letter to C

    - by Hoppe
    I used Clonezilla to clone my existing hard drive to a new one I bought. I then changed the BIOS to set the new drive as the first in the boot sequence. I'm pretty sure that I'm still running Windows 7 on the old drive. My old drive is marked as C. Now that I don't have a disk drive any more, how I do I swap the drive letter from J: to C:? I tried to change it in the disk management section of "Manage", but it reports: "the parameter is incorrect".

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  • AIIM Best Practice Awards to Two Oracle Customers

    - by [email protected]
    On Tuesday night at the AIIM Awards Banquet, two Oracle customers and their implementation partners won awards for their Oracle Enterprise 2.0 implementations. The Bureau of Indian Affairs, a division of the Department of Interior, won a Carl E. Nelson Best Practices Award for their implementation of Oracle WebCenter and Oracle Content Management to provide an interactive social media environment to engage and inform their constituent communities. The BIA Citizen Portal provides all the services of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to the community of 564 federally recognized tribes that include over 1.9 million American Indians and Alaska Natives. This integration was achieved with the support of Oracle partner Mythics. The Charles Town Police Department integrated Oracle Content Management to integrate with and support their police evidence system. This integration was created in partnership with Oracle partner EDAC Systems Inc. Diane Hoppe of EDAC Systems Inc. was on hand to receive the award for Charles Town Police Department. You can see pictures of our award winners here: Linus Chow, Oracle; John Mancini, President of AIIM; and Diane Hoppe, EDACS - Charles Town Police: John Mancini, President of AIIM; Linus Chow, Oracle; Chris Baker, Mythics; and Bureau of Indian Affairs Oracle, EDACS, Mythics, BIA You can read more in the AIIM press release.

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  • Algorithm to simplify building/structural meshes

    - by morpheus
    I am looking for an algorithm to simplify the meshes of buildings or similar structures. EDIT: I had made a comment that Hoppe's algorithm tends to make meshes more and more spherical with simplification. But, I am not sure about it, so am deleting the comment. Buildings in contrast should tend to become more and more rectangular with increasing simplification. The D3DX extensions for D3D in version 9.0 (d3dx9.lib) used to have classes to do progressive mesh simplification. See:

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