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  • Semantics of repeated acknowledgments in JMS

    - by Lajos Nagy
    Suppose I decide to call acknowledgment() on a JMS message several times. Say the first call fails (for non-permanent reason). Does the success of the second (or any subsequent) call guarantee that the message is now acknowledged? Is the exact behavior of acknowledgement() specified anywhere?

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  • Usage history for Windows 7

    - by Lajos Arpad
    Hello, a relative of mine has a problem. She's working at a company, using Windows 7 and can't set a password because if she's not there her boss might want to use some of her data, but she has suspicions that there is a colleague who spies on her files, because there is no password set for her computer. Does anybody know how can somebody view some kind of history of when was the computer turned on before and what files were opened/runned? Thanksin advance for your answers.

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