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  • Boot Problem in Asus EEE PC 1015CX

    - by Sâmrat VikrãmAdityá
    I am a newbie to Linux world, although I have previously worked on Ubuntu 11.04 for daily use (Net Access and simple recordings using Audacity). I am not sure, at what level I stand as a newbie. I bought this Asus Eee PC two days back. The model is Asus 1015CX. See the specs here . I created a live USB to install 12.10. The usb booted fine. When I clicked "Try Ubuntu" option, it showed me a black screen with a cursor blinking. I waited for 15 minutes and had to restart using the power button. On clicking the "Install Ubuntu" button, the install process went seamlessly. [I have a Windows7 installed on one of the partitions]. i installed it alongside previous windows installation. The system was then rebooted for the first time. It showed the GRUB menu and I selected the first option Ubuntu. After showing the splash screen for a second, it began showing various messages on a black screen and then it struck on "Stopping Save kernel state message". I had to force shut the system using power button. Sometimes it just gives a blank screen with a cursor blinking and on pressing power button, some messages stating that acpid is doing something and stopping services pops up and the system shuts down. I tried booting with "nomodeset" and other parameters as directed in solution to previous such problems on forums. Also Ctrl+Alt+F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6..F12 is not doing anything for me anywhere. At installation, I checked Login automatically option. On booting into recovery several options comes up. Clicking resume just gives me a blank screen with cursor blinking. on dropping to root shell and remounting filesystem as RW, I am able to supply some command that worked for others. startx -- Several messages comes up with last one stating Fatal error: No screen found sudo service lightdm start -- Gives a blank screen with a cursor blinking lspci | grep VGA -- Shows some Intel Integrated Graphic... something I don't remember I had reconfigured xserver-xorg, lightdm, reinstalled ubuntu-desktop, unity. What should I do..?? Will going back to 11.04 work..?? Or I should leave all hopes of running Ubuntu on my netbook. Please help.

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  • please help me to find Bug in my Code (segmentation fault)

    - by Vikramaditya Battina
    i am tring to solve this question it working fine in visual studio compiler and IDEone also but when i running in SPOJ compiler it is getting SEGSIGV error Here my code goes #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<string.h> char *getString(); void lexisort(char **str,int num); void countsort(char **str,int i,int num); int main() { int num_test; int num_strings; char **str; int i,j; scanf("%d",&num_test); for(i=0;i<num_test;i++) { scanf("%d",&num_strings); str=(char **)malloc(sizeof(char *)*num_strings); for(j=0;j<num_strings;j++) { str[j]=(char *)malloc(sizeof(char)*11); scanf("%s",str[j]); } lexisort(str,num_strings); for(j=0;j<num_strings;j++) { printf("%s\n",str[j]); free(str[j]); } free(str); } return 0; } void lexisort(char **str,int num) { int i; for(i=9;i>=0;i--) { countsort(str,i,num); } } void countsort(char **str,int i,int num) { int buff[52]={0,0},k,x; char **temp=(char **)malloc(sizeof(char *)*num); for(k=0;k<52;k++) { buff[k]=0; } for(k=0;k<num;k++) { if(str[k][i]>='A' && str[k][i]<='Z') { buff[(str[k][i]-'A')]++; } else { buff[26+(str[k][i]-'a')]++; } } for(k=1;k<52;k++) { buff[k]=buff[k]+buff[k-1]; } for(k=num-1;k>=0;k--) { if(str[k][i]>='A' && str[k][i]<='Z') { x=buff[(str[k][i]-'A')]; temp[x-1]=str[k]; buff[(str[k][i]-'A')]--; } else { x=buff[26+(str[k][i]-'a')]; temp[x-1]=str[k]; buff[26+(str[k][i]-'a')]--; } } for(k=0;k<num;k++) { str[k]=temp[k]; } free(temp); }

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  • Happy holiday! Thanks for making the SOA Partner Community a superb success in 2010!

    - by Jürgen Kress
    2010 highlights to remember: Partners who became SOA Specialized – thanks for the effort SOA Blackbelt training by Clemens Utschig-Utschig – thanks for all the wonderful support! OSB Blackbelt training by Samrat Ray – thanks for taking the challange SOA & Cloud Symposium 2010 by Thomas Erl SOA Partner Community Awards 2010 SOA Partner Community @ OOW 2010 All the SOA books you published! OFM 11g Launch part II SOA Partner Community Forum XI all the great SOA project you have realized! For 2011 please make sure you: Attend our SOA Partner Community Forum! March 15th & 16th 2010 Attend our SOA Blackbelt training January 31st – February 4th 2011 Become SOA Specialized Have fun in the sun! We wish you all a happy holiday and a great start in 2011! Jürgen Kress       For more information on SOA Specialization and the SOA Partner Community please feel free to register at (OPN account required) Blog Twitter LinkedIn Mix Forum Wiki Website Technorati Tags: Happy holiday,SOA Partner Community,SOA Community,OPN,Oracle,SOA,Jürgen Kress,SOA Partner Community Forum

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  • does XMLDOMNodePtr::get_text() needs to be deallocated explicitly?

    - by Sammy
    Greetings, Would like to know if we need to explicitly free the string allocated by a xmldomnodeptr using it's get_text() i.e. IXMLDOMNodePtr pNode; /*some code*/ BSTR sValue; pNode->get_text(&sValue); /*Should I do this?*/ SysFreeString(sValue); I cannot see any documentation stating the same, so I'm assuming we need to do explicit deallocation sysfreestring. But, Just need to be double sure :) Thanks in advance. Samrat Patil.

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  • can we get the penultimate exception that occurred from an mdmp or hdmp in windbg

    - by Sammy
    Hi, I got a crash dump (both mdmp and hdmp) for my application (written in C++) captured using dr. watson. After analyzing the dumps through windbg, I concluded that the crash had occurred in the catch() itself :) What I need to know is what exception caused the the failure in the first place i.e. I need that penultimate(last but one th) exception that had occurred. I know I could get the same by some other ways, but is there a specific command with which we could get the list of errors\exceptions occurring from the dump file. Thanks. --Samrat Patil

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