Upgrading PHP on MacOSX without config_vars.mk ?

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Published on 2010-03-11T21:35:04Z Indexed on 2010/03/11 21:39 UTC
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Hi everyone,

I want to upgrade my php version running on MAMP to 5.3. I've copied the ./configure statement from phpinfo() and downloaded the 5.3 branch source i wish to compile.

However, when i try to compile it i get an error about a missing config_vars.mk file from apxs.

How can i solve this issue if i do not have the config_vars.mk? can one be deprecated? can i copy the one from the stock apache that comes installed on OS X (SL)?

What will happen if i remove --with-apxs from the configure line?

Thanks in advance for any help. It is greatly appreciated.


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