How to run benchmarking on MySQL?

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Published on 2010-03-11T02:32:24Z Indexed on 2010/03/12 7:17 UTC
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My server has installed MySQL Server 5.1. I would like to run benchmarking on the MySQL, but I couldn't found sql-bench, which is Benchmark Suite provided by MySQL.

The MySQL Benchmark Suite seem like complicated to be install or setup into my server. I need one can be direct setup to test the benchmark without using Perl script liked the benchmark suite from MySQL.

Do anyone knows how to get the most popular benchmarking tool to measure MySQL performance? I need to measure the performance of my SQL written in ASP.Net that connecting to MySQL. I need to optimize the SQL script.

It's better has a benchmarking tool where can be read my SQL in many times and return me the query result's time for comparison, etc. I just need to know the time consuming and performance for the each SQL runs in many times.

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