PHP, javascript, single quote problems with IE when passing variable from ajax post to javascript fu

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Hi! I have been trying to get this to work for a while, and I suspect there's an easy solution that I just can't find. My head feels like jelly and I would really appreciate any help.

My main page.php makes a .post() to backend.php and fetches a list of cities which it echoes in the form of:

<li onclick="script('$data');">$data</li>

The list is fetched and put onto the page via .html().

My problem occurs when $data has a single quote in it. backend.php passes the variable just fine to page.php but when i run html() it throws a javascript error (in IE, not FF obviously);

')' is expected

IE parses the single quote and messes up the script()-call. I've been trying to rebuild the echoed string in different ways, escaping the 's on the php side and/or on the javascript side - but in vain. Do I have to review the script in total?


$.post("backend.php", {q: ""+str+""}, function(data) {
    if(data.length >0) {


while ($row = $q->fetch()) {
    $city = $row['City'];
//  $city = addslashes($row['City']);
//  $city = str_replace("'","&#39;",$row['City']);
    echo "<li onclick=\"script('$city');\">".$city."</li>";

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