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Published on 2010-03-16T13:11:39Z Indexed on 2010/03/17 2:11 UTC
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Intermittent hangs would occur when I would use Internet Explorer to open a new main page or new tab to a site I know would be up.

The browser would open and say "Waiting for site" and do nothing more.

If I closed the window and reopened it it would immediately connect. Over time I would have to close and reopen the window to get to the page. This would happen to any page, including Google.

Got sick of it and started using Chrome. I recently upgraded my anti-virus and am now experiencing the same issue with Chrome. I use AVG for my antivirus.

Empirically it seems that if I don't make Chrome my default browser I don't experience the issue. I tested this theory for over two hours yesterday.

Possible issues I have found this could be but not confirmed yet:

  1. MTU settings are not correct.
  2. I am infected but my antivirus has not caught it (unlikely but possible)
  3. ??

I would like to think this is related to my antivirus but I am unsure how to verify. I don't like the idea of killing my antivirus if #2 is a possibility.

I am looking for tips on how I can troubleshoot possible issues.

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