Couldn't attachto Firefox 3.x browser by using Browser.AttachTo<FireFox>method in WatiN 2.0 RC1

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I am using HTTPWatch automation API to launch a new Firefox instance like that:

HttpWatch.Controller ct = new HttpWatch.Controller();
HttpWatch.Plugin plugin = ct.FireFox.New("");

These codes could start a Firefox browser successfully. Then I want to control the browser in WatiN 2.0:

FireFox ff = Browser.AttachTo<FireFox>(Find.ByTitle("Google"));

WatiN could not find Firefox window (JSSH plugin has been added in Firefox). But the same test on IE 7 is ok.

I even tried to open a Firefox window manually and visit page. WaitN in IE7 could attach to the browser, but Firefox failed.

Is there anything wrong with my codes? Or any other advice? Thanks in advance!

Here is the config for my environment:

  • OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
  • WatiN: 2.0 RC1
  • Browser: IE 7, Firefox 3.0/3.5/3.6 with JSSH plugin

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