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Being able to unwind for a few moments each day can make the time pass so much better and help you feel refreshed. If your favorite method for relaxing is playing a quick game, then join us as we take a look at the Random Games from extension for Google Chrome.

Random Games from in Action

The really great thing about this extension is that each day you can have a new random game to play. If you love variety this is definitely going to be a perfect match for you. We got “Power Golf” as our random game of the day.


Here is a look at things once we got started…this one can be a lot of fun to play.


Time to move on to the third hole now…


What if you want something different from the game available on any given day? In the upper right corner you will find links for “game categories” that you can look through (clicking on the links will open a new tab). Since the links are in Italian you might need to experiment a little bit to find the category that you want to browse through.


We chose the “Games for Girls Category”. With Chrome’s new built in “Translation Bar” you can easily switch the page over to the language of your choice.

Note: Translation Bar available in Dev Channel releases.


Ready to choose a fun game to play!


You really can have a lot of fun with the games available at My Giochi.


With our “game of the day” we had a second option for other games to try.


More games equals more fun!



If playing online games is your favorite way to relax then the extension will make a great addition to your browser. Have fun with all of those new games each day!


Download the Random Games from extension (Google Chrome Extensions)

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