prevent outlook stationery from showing up in my email (Outlook 2007)

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There are some people in my office who insist on using cute stationery and some of it makes messages difficult to read. I really just want to read email on a white background with no distractions. Is there a way to disable stationery on incoming mail in Outlook? (Without switching to "plain text only")

yeah, I yanked that description from here

but it is very accurate however I've had no luck in finding a solution. Most solutions I see solve the problem by pushing out something to a bunch of users.

like : this

I don't really have the authority to do that. Not only that, that only prevents ME from setting stationery.

this has been asked before to no avail:

I don't have time to deal with this, so hopefully there is something I have overlooked.

Without switching to "plain text only" I want to be able to change a setting on my computer (it can be. a reg hack, I don't care) that will prevent outlook stationery from showing up in my email

it would also be helpful to know how to do it for Outlook 2003 as well.

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