How can I broadcast video live (preferably wirelessly)?

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I've gotten plenty of feedback on the software solutions and the unanimous solution for having a handheld device to record video seems to be to use a mobile phone (I was hoping there'd be some webcam-like device with wifi support...)

I'd appreciate more hardware suggestions now. That is, what mobile phones have good video recording quality (and battery time)?

I'm looking for a solution to broadcast video live on the internet from a location (an apartment), with a device that can be carried around.

What options are there? I'm looking for complete solutions (i.e., what hardware to use, what software to use, how it should all be set up.)

Currently, I have my mobile phone (Nokia N95 8GB) with Qik installed connected to wifi, but unfortunately the videos get bad quality (especially since it's indoors with poor lighting) plus the battery gets used up quickly.

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