Looping to provide multiple lines in linechart (django-googlecharts)

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I'm trying to generate some charts using django-googlecharts. This works fine for rather static data but in one case I would like to render a different number of lines, based on a variable. I tried this:

  {% chart %}
   {% for line in line_data %}
    {% chart-data line %}
   {% endfor %}
   {% chart-size "390x200" %}
   {% chart-type "line" %}
   {% chart-labels days %}
  {% endchart %}

Line data is a list containing lists. The template code fails with "Caught an exception while rendering: max() arg is an empty sequence".

I guess the problem is that I try to loop over templatetags. What approach could be used here? Or am I completely missing something? Is this doable using inclusion tags?

Thanks for your help.

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