Windows XP computer can't see Windows 7 shares

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I am building a network containing notably a laptop running XP and a computer running Windows 7. Both computer have shared folders and the 7 has a shared printer, to which another laptop running 7 is able to print.

If I attempt to see the laptop's network shares on the PC, everything works perfectly: I am able to see and enter the folders. The reverse operation however doesn't work. Xp doesn't see the Windows 7 PC.

Other things to note:

  • As mentioned above, another Windows 7 computer is able to see the printer and
  • I can ping both computers from either PC.
  • Both computers are in the same workgroup named ALLAITEMENT
  • Password-protected shares are turned off on the PC.
  • The 7 Computer uses 40/56 bit encryption
  • The Windows XP laptop has SP3

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