How do I connect two computers with a LAN cabel?

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I have two machines - Windows XP and a laptop using Windows 7. I connected them with a WLAN cable.

On the Windows XP machine, I set the IP address to On the Windows 7 laptop, I set the IP address to

The laptop can see the Windows XP machine, but Windows XP machine cannot see the Windows 7 machine. But this does NOT concern me. I want to move the files from my desktop (Windows XP) to Windows 7 (laptop). That's why I'm going through all this.

The problem is that when I try to connect from Windows 7 to Windows XP machine, I get this window:

alt text

I don't understand what username/password is needed. I use none on the Windows XP machine. I tried all usernames - no success.

Please explain in deep details how to solve my problem so I can connect to my Windows XP machine.

EDIT: Maybe this can help: the Windows XP machine is named 'I' and '???????? III' is the name of the laptop. Both computers share one workgroup - WORKGROUP.

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