CPAN mirroring problem in cpan::mini

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I am on a corporate PC that forces mcshield on everything that moves.
I get blocked when trying to mirror on :-
. . . . . .
authors/id/J/JV/JV/EekBoek-2.00.01.tar.gz ... updated
authors/id/J/JV/JV/CHECKSUMS ... updated
Could not stat tmpfile '/cygdrive/t/cpan_mirror/authors/id/J/JW/JWIED/Mail-IspMailGate-1.1013.tar.gz-4712': No such file or directory at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.10/LWP/ line 851.

At this point, I get the Virus scanner mcshield sticking its Awr in.

To maintain my mirror I execute:-

   remote => "",
   local  => "/cygdrive/t/cpan_mirror/",
   trace  => 1,
   errors  => 1,
   module_filters => [ qr/kjkjhkjhkjkj/i,
   path_filters => [ qr/ZZYYZZ/,

It skips OK if I enable the path_filter WIED.
Just cannot get it to skip the module failing module to complete other WIED modules.

Any ideas ??


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