Problems with wireless file copy - hangs during copy

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Published on 2009-09-28T10:14:46Z Indexed on 2010/03/29 4:53 UTC
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I have this problem on my home network where when I try to copy files via wireless connection, at some point the copy fails and the machine doing the copy loses connection to the network. I'm pretty much lost as to figuring out the source for the problem...

Some more details that might help:

  1. It's not OS related. I have Windows 7 machines and Leopard machines and this occurs on both
  2. I'm using a 3com OfficeConnect router
  3. Wired transfer works fine
  4. Other programs that require heavy wireless traffic work just fine:streaming large HD movies, Xbox Live! ...

I'm lost as to how to even begin trying to diagnose the problem so any tips are welcome...

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