Why is it 8 here,understanding buffer overflow

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void function(int a, int b, int c) {
   char buffer1[5];
   char buffer2[10];
   int *ret;

   ret = buffer1 + 12;
   (*ret) += 8;//why is it 8??

void main() {
  int x;

  x = 0;
  x = 1;

The above demo is from here:


But it's not working here:

D:\test>gcc -Wall -Wextra hw.cpp && a.exe
hw.cpp: In function `void function(int, int, int)':
hw.cpp:6: warning: unused variable 'buffer2'
hw.cpp: At global scope:
hw.cpp:4: warning: unused parameter 'a'
hw.cpp:4: warning: unused parameter 'b'
hw.cpp:4: warning: unused parameter 'c'

And I don't understand why it's 8 though the author thinks:

A little math tells us the distance is 8 bytes.

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