Redhat Software RAID 1 not syncing

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Published on 2009-12-13T05:38:21Z Indexed on 2010/04/01 6:03 UTC
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Hey guys,

I setup a software RAID 1 on a Redhat server, everything went sweet and it synced the first time. The other day the raid failedover for some reason and the disks hadn't been syncing since that first time, so it went back to 2 weeks ago when we did the first sync. We got the system back up running off the master only.

However what would cause the software raid to not sync? I used mdadm to setup the RAID.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Sorry I don't have the output from /proc/mdstat before the raid failedover, it is now running on only the master... I can put the slave back in no problems but I was wondering how to make it sync all the time instead of only when I add it.

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