Chinese IME - Shape toggle key won't save

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Published on 2010-04-05T08:11:41Z Indexed on 2010/04/05 8:23 UTC
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Hello everyone,

Whenever I use Google IME or other IMEs like Sogou, I always encounter the same problem: half/full-width toggle. It's easy to set half-width by default in ime prefs, but toggle key is maintained by Windows, and here the fun begins.

I use Win7 x64 Ultimate. Open the "Text services and input languages", go to "Advanced key settings". Here I see "Chinese (Simplified) IME - Shape Toggle" is set to "Shift+Space". When I try to change it, it appears as if it has changed, but if you click on "Apply" instead of "OK", or just open the window again, you can see it's still "Shift+Space". The same happens with disabling this toggle - disables and goes back on Apply or reopen.

Not sure if it's a bug in Win7, so asking here.

Please save me. :) Thanks!

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