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Yes, this is not programming related but please bear with me =). I run a small niche SaaS business. Lately I've been thinking of traveling and experiencing life in other places. Would really appreciate suggestions for good places a developer could relocate to.

In particular I'm looking for a place that:

  • Has good internet connection (cheap stable broadband, lots of places that provide free wifi, etc.)
  • Low cost of living (rent and food fairly cheap).
  • At least half of the population speak English.
  • Has a local courier agent (DHL, Fedex, any...).
  • The government allows for extended stay of foreigners.

I'm thinking of staying for about 6 months at each location and maybe doing it for 3 years. So looking for 5 to 6 locations in total. So if any of you think you're staying in a place that would be great for a visiting developer then please shout out. Include as detailed a description as possible. And include any cons about the place if there are.

The only place that pops to mind right now is Bali =). Isle of Skye also seems interesting but I think immigration is tight and cost of living would definitely be higher.

Thanks in advance for suggestions =)

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