Is there any algorithm for finding LINES by PIXEL COLORS on picture?

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So I have Image like this

 CG generated bathroom

I want to get something like this (I hevent drawn all lines I want but I hope you can get my idea)

 Black & White CG generated bathroom with some red lines  between tiles

I need algorithm for finding all straight lines on it by just reading colors of pixels. No hard math, no Haar, no Hough. Some algorithm which would be based on points colors. I want to give to algorithm parameters like min line length and max line distortion. I want to get relative to picture pixel coords start and end points of lines.

So I need algorithm for finding straight lines of different colors on picture. Algorithm which would be based on idea of image of different colors and Lines of static colors. Yes - such algorithm will not work for images with lots of shadows and lights. But It willl probably be fast (I hope so).

Is there any such algorithm?

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