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In Outlook 2003 I could set a block of text as preformatted, which was mighty handing for emailing code snippets. This prevented line wrapping, and specified that a monospace font be used in whatever email client recieved my email.

Now in Outlook 2007, there are at least three problems:

  1. 'Plain Text' style (apparently the closest thing to 'preformatted' as a style) is buried beneath about five clicks, and adding it to the quick style gallery and saving the gallery seems to be forgotten (bug?)
  2. It uses some fancy Microsoft font 'Consolas' that is not on some of my coworkers machines that use thunderbird
  3. It does not appear that there is any way to get it flagged as a monospace font so that other email clients will display it properly.

Does anybody know how to quickly set text to 'preformatted' as Outlook 2003, meaning A) use a monospace font B) flag it as monospace for other clients C) avoid hard line breaks?

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