Missing processor/memory counters in the Windows XP Performance Monitor application (perfmon)

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Published on 2009-02-24T16:20:16Z Indexed on 2010/04/20 5:03 UTC
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Perfmon is a Windows utility that helps the developer to find bottlenecks in his applications, by measuring system counters.

I was reading a perfmon tutorial and from this list of essential counters I have found the following ones on my machine:

  1. PhysicalDisk\Bytes/sec_Total
  2. Network Interface\Bytes Total/Sec\nic name

But I haven't found the following counters nowhere:

  1. Processor\% Processor Time_Total
  2. Process\Working Set_Total
  3. Memory\Available MBytes

Where do I find them? Note that my Windows is pt-BR (instead of en-US). Where do I find language specific documentation for windows tools like PerfMon?

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