How to convert SSRS 2008 Server reports to SSRS 2008 Client Reports

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I have a large SSRS 2008 Server Report Project (more than 200 reports). Currently my companystrategy has been changed and we want to convert these server reports to client reports.

All of the Server reports uses Storeprocedures (or in some cases from the SQl Functions)

All of them work properly andthere is no problem

Beause of project scale it is not a good idea to create all of server reports in client again.

SO I want to check How to convert SSRS 2008 Server reports to SSRS 2008 Client Reports?


Note : I knowthat Client reports use Dataset And I have to create Dataset. I'm also looking for a way to generate these dataset too.but for now I'm just looking for a way to convert RDL files to RDLC files.

If there are anyApplication which can convert RDL XML to RDLC XML let me know.

Any help appriciate.

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