Windows roaming profile when creating a new Windows profile

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Hi all,

When a particular user is having a lot of problems with Windows XP e.g. applications crashing, unresponsive applications (which used to work), and as a general troubleshooting practice for a domain user, I normally rename that user's old profile and get him/her to logon to create a "fresh" profile (on the same PC). More often than not, this will solve the problem albeit some reconfiguration i.e. Outlook, Excel add-ins etc.

As I took over the systems admin role from another administrator, I would like to know what is the easiest way to find out (either through a third party or some Windows administrative tool) what settings are carried over if the profile is a Roaming Profile. I tested creating a new user profile for one of my users and it seems basic Outlook settings such as the user's mailbox and PSTs are carried over automatically when I create a new user profile. I suspect this is done through a batch file loaded as part of the login script. However, my knowledge of scripting is limited and I don't want any corruptions to be carried over to the new profile. Can someone share their experiences on this?

Thanks in advance.

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