Possible DNS issue after a reinstall of Windows Server 2000 (get off my lawn)

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I just replaced a drive on a Win2000 Server that replicates AD and issues out DHCP at one of our offices. I successfully joined it to the domain, setup range of IP's, etc, but am still having issues. I cannot RDC to it with name or IP. I can ping it, browse to it with Windows Explorer, and remote to it with some other software, but not RDC.

The other issue is this: Users are unable to authenticate on it. They receive the message 'username or password incorrect' (or something like that). Changes made on the main domain controller seem to take forever to trickle down.

The most significant entry in the DNS Server Log is Event ID 7062: The DNS Server Encountered a Packet Addressed to Itself. At least, I think its significant.

The Directory Services Log shows numerous Event IDs 1265: The attempt to establish a replication link with parameters failed with the following status: The DSA operation is unable to proceed because of a DNS lookup failure.

Does this make any sense to anyone? I feel like its something very simple that I am overlooking.

Thanks in advance.

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