What extra permission settings were added in Windows Server 2003 over Windows Server 2000?

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Published on 2010-04-21T19:57:44Z Indexed on 2010/04/21 20:03 UTC
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We have a domain controller currently running Windows Server 2000, and we're in the process of upgrading some of our workstations to Windows 7.

The problem is that users are getting access denied messages to things they should be able to do, even trivial things like deleting shortcuts from the desktop. The users run at less than administrative levels, which we want to maintain.

We think this is caused by Windows 7 having extra security permission settings that are getting defaulted to denied, because the new settings wouldn't actually exist in the Windows 2000 profiles.

The reason I'm asking about Windows 2003 Server is because we have an available license of that, and not to 2008 (which would likely solve the problem completely, but costs $). So what I'd like to find out is if the permission settings in 2003 will be sufficient for our needs to justify upgrading the domain controller to 2003.

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