Pyglet OpenGL drawing anti-aliasing

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I've been looking around for a way to anti-alias lines in OpenGL, but none of them seem to work... here's some example code:

import pyglet                                                                      
from import *                                                            

window = pyglet.window.Window(resizable=True)                                      

def on_draw():                                                                     
    window.clear()                                                            ,0,0,1.0)                                               
    glBlendFunc (GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA)                             
    glEnable (GL_BLEND)                                                            
    glEnable (GL_LINE_SMOOTH);                                                     
    glHint (GL_LINE_SMOOTH_HINT, GL_DONT_CARE)                                     
    glLineWidth (3)                                                           ,,                                    
        ('v2i', (10, 15, 300, 305))                                                

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

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