ASP.Net SSRS Report Viewer 9.0 and Report Viewer 10.0 Side-By-Side

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Published on 2010-05-05T14:35:42Z Indexed on 2010/05/05 14:38 UTC
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We are rolling out a large deployment of SQL Server Reporting Services Reports and our platform is SQL Server 2005 so our Report Server is version 2005 running in Native mode. Our web application uses server reports rendered in the Report Viewer 9.0 control. We want to be able to use local reports based on the 2008 RDL spec to create some dashboard applications. We also would like to use the new report viewer 10.0 to viewer these reports.

Is there a way to run these both Side-By-Side in the same project? If so how would we go about that? Create a custom server control?

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