Wrong keymap in games under OSX

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While it's somewhat related to gaming, I believe this kind of question definitely belongs here.

On most games, I have a very weird problem related to keymap: they apparently load a wrong map, i.e. a legacy one that has not been used since 68k AFAIK, that is a QZERTY, with M to the right of the L.

I can't understand why this happens, I guess they use a bugged library for getting keyboard input, I'm not sure.

While I can actually bind the keys using this map, sometimes it prevents me from binding some, such as the numbers.

A very odd workaround happens with Urban Terror: if I enable and disable fullscreen, it reverts to the correct keymap (didn't try this on other games, such as Aquaria).

It may or may not be useful to know that I use a custom keymap but even if I select the standard keymap before starting the game the problem happens anyway.

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