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Published on 2010-05-10T19:18:37Z Indexed on 2010/05/10 19:54 UTC
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I am new to the Django framework.

On Django's admin index page I'd like to get rid of the "s" at the end of my model names.


    <div class="module">
     <table summary="Models available in the my application.">
      <caption><a href="" class="section">My application</a></caption>
            <th scope="row"><a href="model/">Model**s**</a></th>            
             <td><a href="model/add/" class="addlink">Add</a></td>
             <td><a href="model/" class="changelink">Change</a></td>         

I know of a way to do this but I am really looking for the file I should edit. Where is it and what exactly should I do?

I can't seem to pinpoint where it is coming from.

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