How to run a custom action after install which can run in quiet or a UI after Install (WIX)

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Hi, I basically want to able to run an command line tool that already exists on the desired machine against the directory the files were run to.

I.e The Installer does the following:

Specify a location for the files to go into (INSTALLOCATION variable)

Then after copying has finished run a tool which will zip the files and attach them to attach them to another application.

<CustomAction Id="InstallTo" Return="check" Directory="INSTALLLOCATION"  Execute="immediate" ExeCommand='"C:\MyTool\Here\Tool.exe" -ad [INSTALLLOCATION] Poop 1.0'/>
            <Custom Action="InstallTo" After="InstallFinalize">$InstallTo&gt;2</Custom>

At the moment I'm not sure anyuthing is being called, is there a way to basically have this two step install and report progress if the tool failed/doesn't exist etc.

Thanks, Jamie

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