Dropbox alternative with local sync support?

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I am currently using Dropbox. Just decided to sync my huge (about 5 GB) iTunes Library (music collection) in Dropbox. For that I must subscribe to their paid account. But before I do so, I'd like evaluate the alternatives.

Is there an alternative that does this?

  • Local LAN sync (eg: sync my huge music collection across computers in local network without uploading/downloading them to internet)

The following would be nice (but not required):

  • Native android client - so music will be made available in the Android music app / SDHC card
  • Selective sync: sync particular folders / exclude certain folders on certain computers .. eg: excluding porn folder on work computers ;-)

Just like Dropbox, it MUST work on 64-bit Windows, Linux and Mac.

Know of any? (I am currently evaluating Spideroak. Boy, was it so complicated to use?)

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