Can't ping my Window 7 machine from within a Windows XP virtual machine

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I have Windows 7 installed as my primary operating system, on a laptop that's on my home network (wireless).

I'm using Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 to run a virtual machine of Windows XP SP3, in which I want to access the Windows 7 instance, both to browse a shared folder and access the local Apache server.

So far I can ping my Windows 7 IP address (IPv4) and access the apache server through the web browser through HTTP.

However using my machine name never seems to work. Pinging it fails, and I can't access my apache server using it either.

The problem seems to be something to do with my machine's name being registered under IPv6 rather than IPv4.

I'm at a loss what to do. Should I try to set up IPv6 on the virtual machine? Not sure how to go about that. Or maybe I should somehow get my machine name on Windows 7 to work with IPv4?

Although I think it already does, because I can ping it from a separate box (running Ubuntu), which is only registered under IPv6.

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