Best practice No1: inline search layout across browsers

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Ok, I have managed to fix my version of this example using a multitude of hacks and I would like to see how others would tackle this problem making this cross-browser compatible without too many hacks.

 <div class="searchDiv">
    <img src="Images/left.gif" class="left" height="19" width="3" />
    <input id="TextBox" type="text" class="searchField" />
    <img src="Images/right.gif" height="19"width="3" class="right" />
    <a href="" class="submit">Submit</a>
    <img src="Images/box-arrow.gif" class="linkArrow" width="8" height="14" />

I am using a Transitional DTD in my example.

Based on the everyone else's CSS examples, comments and answers I will make the final vote.

I'd love to see more of these scenarios come up so that people have a library of "best practice" methods which they can find on SO.

Good luck

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