How to easily upgrade MySQL 5.0.32 to MySQL 5.1.20 or higher on Debian Etch?

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Published on 2010-06-02T13:33:01Z Indexed on 2010/06/02 13:44 UTC
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I have a home server running Debian Etch with MySQL 5.0.32 on it. I'm not much of a Linux administrator but two years ago I installed the server and it runs fine. I used the official MySQL package for Debian at that time.

Since then I have been happily making use of it. Now I need to use a MySQL function that is only available in MySQL 5.1.20 and higher. Therefore I would like to upgrade.

I'm not that confident in messing with something I need every day so I wanted to check with you what the best upgrade path would be? Obviously I prefer a simple upgrade that keeps my database, users and settings in place as they are now.

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