Podcast Show Notes: Evolving Enterprise Architecture

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Published on Thu, 03 Jun 2010 09:38:55 -0500 Indexed on 2010/06/03 14:57 UTC
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Back in March Oracle ACE Directors Mike van Alst (IT-Eye) and Jordan Braunstein (Visual Integrator Consulting) and Oracle product manager Jeff Davies participated in an ArchBeat virtual meet-up. The resulting conversation quickly turned to the changing nature of enterprise architecture and the various forces driving that change. All four parts of that wide-ranging conversation are now available.

As you’ll hear, Mike, Jordan, and Jeff bring unique perspectives and opinions to this very lively conversation. These are three very sharp, very experienced guys, as and you might expect, they don’t always walk in lock-step when it comes to EA.

You can learn more about Mike, Jordan, and Jeff – and share your opinions with them -- through the links below:

Up Next

Next week’s program features highlights from the panel discussion at the Oracle Technology Architect Day event held in Anaheim, CA on May 19. You’ll hear from Oracle ACE Directors Basheer Khan and Floyd Teter, Oracle virtualization expert and former Sun Microsystems principal engineer Jeff Savit, Oracle security analyst Geri Born, and event MC Ralf Dossman, Director of SOA and Middleware in Oracle’s Enterprise Solutions Group.

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