Attempting to extract a pattern within a string

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I'm attempting to extract a given pattern within a text file, however, the results are not 100% what I want.

Here's my code:

import java.util.regex.Matcher;
import java.util.regex.Pattern;

public class ParseText1 {

public static void main(String[] args) {

    String content = "<p>Yada yada yada <code> foo ddd</code>yada yada ...\n"
        + "more here <2004-08-24> bar<Bob Joe> etc etc\n"
        + "more here again <2004-09-24> bar<Bob Joe> <Fred Kej> etc etc\n"
        + "more here again <2004-08-24> bar<Bob Joe><Fred Kej> etc etc\n"
        + "and still more <2004-08-21><2004-08-21> baz <John Doe> and now <code>the end</code> </p>\n";

    Pattern p = Pattern

    Matcher m = p.matcher(content);

    // print all the matches that we find
    while (m.find()) {




The output I'm getting is:

<2004-08-24> bar<Bob Joe>
<2004-09-24> bar<Bob Joe> <Fred Kej>
<2004-08-24> bar<Bob Joe><Fred Kej>
<2004-08-21><2004-08-21> baz <John Doe> and now <code>

The output I want is:

<2004-08-24> bar<Bob Joe>
<2004-08-24> bar<Bob Joe>
<2004-08-24> bar<Bob Joe>
<2004-08-21> baz <John Doe>

In short, the sequence of "date", "text (or blank)", and "name" must be extracted. Everything else should be avoided. For example the tag "Fred Kej" did not have any "date" tag before it, therefore, it should be flagged as invalid.

Also, as a side question, is there a way to store or track the text snippets that were skipped/rejected as were the valid texts.

Thanks, Brian

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