Using Google AppEngine app as a OAuth provider

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I'm using the Google AppEngine 1.3.4 SDK which offers to allow your application to act as a OAuth service provider ( Setting up a standard application on my localhost and using the following:

Request URL /_ah/OAuthGetRequestToken
Authorize URL /_ah/OAuthAuthorizeToken
Access Token URL /_ah/OAuthGetAccessToken

The client application just gets sent to a page requesting to grant OAuth access even though no user is logged in. Clicking 'Grant access' results in a message saying 'OAuth access granted' with no tokens or anything exchange. Can't see how this could work when it's not even prompting for a login.

As this functionality is quite new I can't find much out there. I've created a OAuth provider before in Rails and know that you need a Consumer Key and Secret, something that seems to be lacking in GAE?

Any ideas on how to get OAuth working in a sample GAE project are most welcome.

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