Dual-headed graphics card choice: DVI & VGA with 512MB _or_ DVI & DVI with 256MB

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Published on 2010-12-22T19:00:25Z Indexed on 2010/12/22 19:57 UTC
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Which would you choose? Some more detail:

I can choose between:

  1. A dual-headed card with both heads DVI but only 256MB of memory

  2. A dual-headed card with one VGA and one DVI, with 512MB of memory.

  3. Both monitors are 1600x1200

  4. I'll be doing mostly business app development on the computer. No gameplay or advanced graphics work. It's running Win7 and is a quad-core i5.

I'm thinking of going with 256MB one, just so both displays are DVI and I don't have to shift between sharp & blurry when I look from one screen to the other. But I'm not sure if the additional RAM would be a huge boon for some reason (Win7 GPU acceleration, for example? But with a quad-core, who cares?).

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