Cannot login to OpenManage Server Administrator

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Published on 2010-12-25T05:30:13Z Indexed on 2010/12/25 5:55 UTC
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After freshly installed OpenManage Server Administrator from the CD that comes with my new server, Dell PowerEdge T110, I still could not figure out how to login successfully to the application. The server is running Windows 2008 SR2 Foundation and serves as a domain controller.

I access its web interface locally using Firefox 3.6. On the login page and choose local system login. OMSA user's guide seems to state that I should be able to login using an Active Directory user. I tried Administrator, my_domain\Administrator, a a few combinations with the correct password. But none of them can logged in.

Does Server Administrator requires any additional treatment to the user accounts, or what are the steps I missed here?

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